Burning is only allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Only tree trunks, tree limbs, leaves, untreated lumber and brush originating on the site may be burned. Trash, tires, and forms of waste are prohibited.

  2. Burning must be done at least 200 yds from nearest structure not owned by the permittee.

  3. Burning is to be conducted during the hours of 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.


  1. Air quality must be rated as good (see graphics below for real time data)

  2. Fire Danger must be rated as Low

  3. Wind speeds must be less than 10 mph.

  4. The Lone Jack Fire Protection District must be notified of your intent to burn if the property in which burning will occur lies within the District.

If all of the conditions are not met, burning is not allowed...even with a permit. Should a problem arise from burning, such as a public health hazard, nuisance, or a hazard to vehicular or air traffic, the permittee must correct the problem immediately. Please contact (816) 697-2018 with questions or to notify of your intent to burn.

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Open burning is only permitted with a valid Burn Permit authorized by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  A permit may be obtained by filling out an application and returning it to the Lone Jack Fire Protection District. Permits are also available at the station located at 107 W. Main St in Lone Jack. Burn permits are valid for 60 days.

Air Quality